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High-Def Award Guidelines



What are the qualifications?
To qualify as an entry, the title must be title released on disc in the 2009 calendar year. Titles must have been released on an HD format, most likely Blu-ray Disc.

Definitions of each category:

  • Best Theatrical: Films coming to home video directly after their theatrical runs (within the last two years).
  • Best Classic/Catalog Title: Films coming to disc two or more years after their theatrical bow, or re-released on disc.
  • Best DTV/Non-Theatrical Title: A title released direct to video or otherwise not released in theaters, including TV movies, but excluding TV series.
  • Best TV on Blu-ray: A Blu-ray of a program or series whose first run was on television, generally a series or miniseries. TV Movies should be submitted in the non-theatrical category.
  • Best Animation Title: Disc contains an animated movie or program.
  • Best Single Extra: A specific bonus feature that stands out and adds value to the disc.
  • Best Nonfiction Title: A disc of a documentary, music, sporting event, reality programming, game show, etc.
  • Best Collection or Multidisc Set: Three or more discs. Can be a collection of movies or a TV DVD package.
  • Best Audio Quality: how well the disc sounds.
  • Best Picture Quality: How good the disc looks

For questions about the appropriate category for a title, please contact John Latchem at or 714/338-6755.

Submission Instructions
Please e-mail a list of the titles you want to submit an which categories to . When title eligibility is approved, you will be notified to send product and payment. Please do not submit product or payment until you receive this notification.

The entry fee is $150 per title per category.

Submissions will require 10 finished-product copies of each title per category. 1 category = 10 copies, 2 categories = 20 copies, 3 categories = 30 copies, etc.

For all titles, please also include one copy of the standard-DVD version if it is not part of a combo pack.