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Report: More Than 25% of TVs Bought in January Connected to Internet

23 Feb, 2010 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Migration of Internet-enabled televisions from the trade show floor to the living room is increasing, with 27.5% of high-definition TVs purchased in January linked to the Internet, according to a new report.

El Segundo, Calif.-based research firm iSuppli Corp. Feb. 23 reported the tally, which is up from 24.3% in December, includes TVs with internal connectivity and Web access via external devices, such as set-top boxes, video game consoles and Blu-ray Disc players.

The report found that 41.9% of Internet-connected televisions sold domestically in January were internally linked, followed by game consoles at 20.3%. Blu-ray players followed at 13.2% of connection intermediaries, while digital video boxes and other means of connection — such as PCs — were tied at 12.3%.

“Consumers want to view Internet content on their primary displays in their homes — on their televisions — rather than being relegated to the small screens of their desktop and notebook PCs,” said Tina Tseng, analyst of television systems for iSuppli. “With the increasing pervasiveness of large-sized, flat-panel digital televisions, and the rising availability of Internet-enabled TVs, more consumers are linking their sets to the Web.”

Indeed, iSuppli forecasts worldwide sales of Web-enabled TVs will rise to 87.6 million units by 2013, up from 14.7 million in 2009. An estimated 60% of the total North American flat-panel TVs shipped in 2013 are expected to be connected to the Internet.

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