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Premium LCD Manufacturers Offering Cheaper Models

3 Jun, 2009 By: Chris Tribbey


Premium LCD HDTV manufacturers such as Sony and Panasonic are starting to offer lower-priced models to compete with bargain manufacturers such as Vizio, according to new research from iSuppli Corp.

Studying April prices, iSuppli found the lowest bargain brand for a 40-inch LCD to be $615, while the lowest priced premium brand was $900. Comparable bargain and premium 42-inch LCDs were $798 and $955, respectively.

However, iSuppli said brand recognition and quality are still important to consumers.

“Consumers’ number one consideration when buying a new LCD TV isn’t price, but picture quality,” said Riddhi Patel, principal TV analyst for iSuppli. “Price is secondary. So even if premium and value brands reach price parity, the dominant factor will still be which television actually looks better to the naked eye, rather than the price on the tag.

“Who would choose a nameless Taiwanese or Chinese brand over a Sony Bravia or a Samsung?”

LCD HDTV features such as Internet connectivity and backlighting are being offered more frequently from premium brand manufacturers, Patel said.


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