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Identical (DVD Review)

21 Jun, 2012 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Street 6/26/12
Green Apple
$24.98 DVD
Not rated.
Stars Ed Asner, Jonathan Togo, Emily Foxler.

The story of identical twins with divergent personalities (i.e. good vs. evil) is an amusing cover for low-budget independent thriller Identical, since it becomes clear early on that troubled investment banker Rich Washington (Jonathan Togo from “CSI: Miami”) is also troubled artist “brother” Mark Washington.

Rich, who is under scrutiny by Wall Street regulators regarding a questionable Swiss financial deal, is more concerned that a six-month sexual relationship with his secretary, Shelley, could get him fired.

Crass, flip and self-centered, Rich is everything the apparently compassionate and caring Mark isn’t.

To throw management off, Rich asks his “brother” Mark to attend a work party with Shelley as his date. Mark takes the unknowing Shelley to the function — quickly winning her over with his gentleman charm.

Of course, with Mark exponentially more troubled than Rich, myriad problems present themselves for Shelley when both boys covet her.

Actor Togo does a credible job playing each brother — even if the personality traits between them blur quickly. More concerning to this viewer is the realization that there exists little empathy for the siblings, Shelley or boorish cops in this boilerplate thriller.

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