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All I Want for Christmas (DVD Review)

12 Oct, 2008 By: Anne Sherber

All I Want for Christmas

Street 10/21/08
$14.95 DVD
Not rated.
Stars Gail O’Grady, Greg Germann, Jimmy ‘Jax’ Pinchak.

If you drew a line between Sleepless in Seattle and A Christmas Carol, you might find All I Want for Christmas at the halfway mark.

A toy company sponsors a holiday contest and invites children to share the one thing that they most want for Christmas. After reviewing video after video of children asking for everything under the sun, they settle on one boy who only wants one thing: a husband for his widowed mom.

His mom, it turns out, is the lovely but lonely Sarah (O’Grady) who, between her job running a soup kitchen and raising her son, has very little time for herself. At first, she is reluctant to participate in what she understands is just a publicity stunt. But when the owner of the building in which the soup kitchen is housed decides to sell the place, she sees an opportunity. She will agree to be the toy company’s spectacle du jour, if they will donate the money needed to buy the building.

There is some predictability in the plotting, however, All I Want for Christmas is agreeable holiday fare. A talented and appealing cast of mainly television actors, led by O’Grady and Germann, bring a freshness and spark to what might have been an unsurprising television movie. Germann, especially, does a good job of finding the humor and humanity in what could have become a clichéd, mustache-twirling Scrooge.

Although it breaks no new ground, All I Want for Christmas is a pleasantly satisfying family holiday film that certainly belongs in this year’s holiday film rotation.

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