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Porter Tapped to Replace Horn as Chief of CDSA

23 Dec, 2009 By: Thomas K. Arnold


Veteran publisher and conference producer Marty Porter has been tapped by the Content Delivery & Storage Association (CDSA) board to serve as its new executive director, replacing Charles Van Horn, who is retiring after 26 years.

Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA), of which Porter is executive director, will serve as the CDSA’s association management company of record. One of MESA’s first tasks will be to manage the continued rollout of the CDSA’s newly updated and expanded international Content Protection Certification Program next year. MESA will provide organizational management for the CDSA, but the association will continue to maintain its own independent activities under the direction of its own board of directors.

“I have known and worked with Marty Porter in various capacities over the past 20-plus years, and I feel confident that he will provide the value proposition for CDSA members that is so vital to the future health of the association,” Van Horn said.

The CDSA was founded in 1970 as the International Tape Association and later, with the advent the digital disc, became the International Recording Media Association. The group, whose membership consists largely of replicators, advocates the innovative and responsible delivery and storage of entertainment, software and information content. One of its key tasks is to administer industry-developed content protection procedures.

The Content Protection Certification Program, Porter said, is an “incredibly relevant and flexible series of IP protection protocols that sets the gold standard for the way that service providers will handle and process their customers’ assets in this exciting period of transition for content delivery and storage.”

“Our plans include promoting those companies that play a leadership role by their adoption of these programs, by enhancing the program’s overall visibility throughout the international content and storage community,” Porter said.

The CDSA for more than a decade has been recognized as a worldwide leader in anti-piracy and compliance programs. In 2008 the Content Protection and Security Standards (CPSS) were written by an international team of experts in intellectual property, anti-piracy and security, drawn from both the physical and digital security sectors. By implementing these standards, the CDSA says, organizations can “demonstrate effective process approaches for the handling, manufacturing, storage and delivery of valuable entertainment, software and information, and assets in the home entertainment, video game and music recording industries.”


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