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Man vs. Wild: Season 4 (DVD Review)

22 Apr, 2010 By: John Latchem

Available Now at DiscoveryStore.com
Retail Street 5/4/10
$24.98 three-DVD set at retail
$39.95 online
Not rated.
Stars Bear Grylls.

I don’t know if Bear Grylls is a genius or insane. As he plunges into extreme and dangerous environments each episode, a viewers’ first instinct may be to wonder why anyone of sound mind would subject himself to such rigors. Yet to watch him in action, building MacGyver-esque contraptions to catch food, start fires and transport himself through impossible terrain, is to witness a skilled survivalist applying the tricks of his trade to the fullest of his abilities.

In the always compelling Man vs. Wild: Season 4 (available now from DiscoveryStore.com at $39.95), Bear swims naked through cold arctic waters, makes a meal of a rattlesnake in the Texas desert, navigates an abandoned city in Poland as if he were the last man on Earth. And in a special episode, Bear guides Will Ferrell (promoting Land of the Lost) through a rugged icy landscape.

The set also includes a behind-the-scenes episode that focuses on the camera crew that tags along with Bear to chronicle his adventures.

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