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Where Wal-Mart Goes…

25 Sep, 2006 By: Stephanie Prange

Many have been discussing Wal-Mart's recent move into the generic drug market, but for our industry something even bigger may be happening at the retail behemoth.

In a recent Wal-Mart newsletter, the chain touted “HDTVs, Electronics and DVDs.” The teaser ad offered a Panasonic 42-inch plasma HDTV at $1,894. Also featured were links to HD DVD players, home theater systems and receivers and amplifiers.

It's hard to get more mainstream than Wal-Mart, and this newsletter is a indicator of things to come. With Wal-Mart in the HDTV game in earnest, prices are sure to take a dive this holiday season. Whereas a few years ago there were reports of stampedes at Wal-Mart over a cheap DVD player, the next must-have cheap item may be an HDTV.

That's not to say the giant has embraced the HD DVD or Blu-ray market. I've yet to see any such titles in a Wal-Mart and would be interested to see if anyone else has. But HDTV is a start down the road to high-def disc acceptance, and it looks as if Wal-mart will be giving shoppers a push in that direction this holiday season.

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