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What Do You Call It? Oh Yeah, VHS

20 Sep, 2004 By: Stephanie Prange

This weekend, my 6-year-old daughter asked if we had a movie called The Little Princess on DVD. I said, no, I didn't think so as it was an older movie.

“Can we get it? We have it at school on that other thingy. The big one. You know. The other thingy movies come on,” she said.

“You mean VHS cassette,” I replied, obviously showing that I was on the older side of the generation gap.

“Yeah. Can we get it on DVD?” she said.Her reply seems to me just one more nail in the coffin of the dying format.

My 2-year-old wouldn't even know what VHS is, but she can pronounce DVD.

Just as teens today can't remember vinyl albums, the younger set is burying the cassette. There are those who think VHS will hang on, but I'm convinced it will die very soon.

Recently, I saw a VHS/DVD combo unit (about $400) with DVD recording capability. When customers can transfer those old home movies on VHS to DVD easily and cheaply, VHS will go the way of beta.

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