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Waiting for Paris

10 Mar, 2005 By: Erik Gruenwedel

With her disaffected stare, wafer-thin physique and base reality show (“The Simple Life”), Paris Hilton was just the kind of fledgling Hollywood wannabe director Saran Barnun could have hoped to cast in his directorial debut, The Hillz ($19.99 DVD from Image Entertainment).

Hilton's appearance on The Hillz DVD jacket, movie poster and DVD launch party flier perhaps overstate her largely ceremonial (often seen but not heard) role in a plot line that centers around first-year college student Steve 5 (Jesse Woodrow, Chasing the Dragon) home for the summer and dealing with best friend Duff (German-born actor Rene Heger), a transformed, crazed leader of a gang of Westside punks determined to steal, screw and commit mayhem with reckless abandon.

Amidst such ultra-violence, Hilton's screen appearances are welcomed (almost coveted) and should make Hillz perfect rental fodder.

It was with equal anticipation that I stood among a growing crowd of aspiring actors, “American Idol” contestants, porn stars, photographers and serious clubbers on a school night waiting to enter Spider Club in Hollywood — site of the Hillz DVD launch and, possibly, Paris herself.

Luckily, I was on “The List” and cautiously made my way up some wooden stairs, across a balcony and into a cavernous bi-level club equipped with two bars and a lofty ceiling.

With few hors d'oeuvres or free booze in sight, I mingled — or tried to — all the while waiting for Paris.

I waited. And waited.

So, too, it appeared, did others, including the film's more accomplished (relatively speaking) cast members, who were impressing without trying (and vice versa), all the while knowing that when Ms. Paris showed, they would all be ignored.

Perhaps luckily for them, she never did. And the party raged, regardless.

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