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Waffling Over HDTV

7 Feb, 2006 By: Stephanie Prange

This year, we're going to do it — at least I think so. For the first time, we're seriously looking at purchasing one of those cool, flat HDTV plasma or LCD TVs. But shopping for those suckers will make your head spin.

When you're about to plunk down $2,000 or so on a TV, you don't want to make a mistake. We spent several hours adjusting the settings on various models, wondering whether it was worth an extra $500 to get a screen 5 inches bigger, and trying to figure out which model was sharper and which had a picture that was more realistic.

Honestly, they're still not cheap enough to make me comfortable. The picture's good, sure, but is it really worth thousands of dollars? To top it all off, we watched the Super Bowl on an HD set with a much-cheaper and much more bulky tube, and my husband said he liked the picture better than the flat-screen models.

For me, the greatest selling point is the flat screen. It's sleek and looks cool even when it's off. For my husband, the picture is pre-eminent. If one of our old analog sets kicks the bucket, maybe we'll take the plunge, but the prices are still heart-stopping.

This year, the Consumer Electronics Association predicts, will be the first that sales of HDTV sets will overtake analog sets, but for my money, making the HDTV leap is still a big one.

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