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VSM Introduces New Sections

13 Jul, 2003 By: Kurt Indvik

This week in Video Store Magazine we introduce some new editorial elements that build on a few other new additions we have added in the past several weeks, all of which are designed to deliver the most comprehensive news possible on the growing onslaught of new DVD product coming to the market.

As regular contributor Ralph Tribbey noted in last week's issue, through the first six months of this year the industry has released 3,943 new DVD titles into the marketplace, up 21.8 percent from the same period a year ago. That would put us on track for about 8,600 new releases on DVD this year. It's not only astounding growth, but it's happening across a broad spectrum of product.

This week we introduce a new monthly TV DVD section (see Page 18), edited by the erstwhile T.K. Arnold, editor-at-large. Perhaps no other category has experienced as much growth in new DVD releases in the past six to 12 months than programming flowing from the TV pipeline. DVD's compact format make the ability to watch popular shows by the season possible for both die-hard fans who can't get enough of their favorites and new fans looking to get caught up on the storylines. The natural cross-marketing opportunities and the new season debuts all help to feed a regular and growing appetite for TV DVD and we will keep you up-to-speed with in-depth coverage each month.

Along with TV, VSM has recently launched a couple of other new sections you may have noticed, geared to the product pipelines of music and videogames. Like TV, music DVD is also significantly accelerating in the number of titles being released each year and with the growth of surround sound systems and less expensive home theater systems, the experience of music on DVD is catching on with a growing range of consumers, of course most particularly with the bay-boom generation. Add to this mix the push to develop the DVD-Audio market and you can expect to continue to see a greater demand for music DVD. Our DVCD Music department appears monthly and is edited by Jessica Wolf.

Videogame rental and, to a much lesser extent sales, is of course, a significant and growing revenue stream for our readers and with last week's issue VSM has launched a weekly department with exclusive videogame rental data from VSM market research. Finally, being introduced this week is our new “Genre Watch” concept for covering news and product information pertaining to the most popular genres in home video. Each week on a rotating basis, we will cover one or more different genres in home video that includes both trends reporting and product news, as well as charts on the top sellers wherever possible. Along with this print coverage Video Store will also offer online a list of all titles currently in solicitation in that genre. Check out our Genre Watch feature at www.hive4media.com.

We're committed to delivering the best possible information tool for our retailer readers, be they mass merchant category buyers or owners of a single video store, and we intend to keep transforming our coverage to suit your needs. If you have any suggestions to make our coverage better, let me know.

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