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VHS Gets Left Behind on Moving Day

8 Apr, 2004 By: Jessica Wolf

I recently moved and lost a lot of storage space. At first I was very careful and selective about what I threw away, lovingly going over every scrap of memorabilia stashed in my garage. As moving day drew closer, I began just tossing everything or throwing it in my Salvation Army pile.

I highly recommend this process. It's liberating to free yourself of stuff.

However, for my DVD stash, the process was a little different. Sure I went through it all and gave away anything I told myself I could live without. But my selectivity remained high. I kept a ton of movies, some still shrink-wrapped, that who knows when or if I will ever watch. I just never got to that point with DVD that I got to with clothing, books, piles and piles of purses, bags and shoes — that point where I just wanted it out of my sight.

I think, for DVD, most people are still like me, rather selective about their collections. They may need to hone down the stash for spring cleaning or what have you, but they select carefully the items they plan to discard, knowing there's a chance they could make a few bucks or get something else in a used trade.

Hopefully this cycle of high perceived value for DVD keeps up for a few years so it will be a long time before the little disc meets the fate much of my VHS collection did in the past month — dumped in a box at a yard sale with a sign “free, please take.”

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