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TV on DVD a Treat for Posterity

11 Oct, 2004 By: Stephanie Prange

Last weekend, I took some time to watch the 6th season of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” While many probably don't yet consider this show a classic, to many of my generation it is. This is that pivotal season that features the reincarnation of Buffy on the show and on UPN from the WB. It also included one of the most innovative, acclaimed and creative episodes ever, “Once More, With Feeling,” in which the characters sing certain parts as if they were in an old-time musical.

I had kind of burned out on “Buffy” since its demise in 2003. I'd seen numerous reruns and first-runs. At one point it was kind of hard to miss “Buffy” on the tube.

But tempered by some time away, the series still holds its charm. It's fun to travel back to that 6th season, even several years later. It's also enjoyable to watch it in order, unhampered by the vicissitudes of my own schedule and reruns.

On DVD, the series can be viewed like a book, chapter after chapter, without missing any important details. I'm sure it's how I would want my work remembered if I were a TV writer/producer. And it's definitely a treat for the fan.

While reruns are great (hey, I was raised on them), the DVD collection is the ultimate rerun, viewed in order without commercials.

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