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TK's MORNING BUZZ: With the Home Video Industry Deep in Change, Some Good People Are Packing It In -- and That's Too Bad

15 Mar, 2001 By: Thomas K. Arnold

Every so often, I like to turn the e-podium here over to someone else. Today's one of those days -- a letter from an exiting Video Person who doesn't spend his time slamming everyone else, but, rather, simply wants to say goodbye. His letter struck me as honest, sincere and coming from the gut.

And it shows that with the home video industry changing in more ways, and in more directions, than most of us probably ever thought it could, much less would, some really neat people are packing it in and that's too bad -- we really need to retain the bright minds and the evangelists, the ones who are passionate about this business, the visionaries and the dreamers, and the just plain nice folks who helped instill a sense of community that's no longer there.

So, with no further ado:


"After 17 years in the video industry I am hanging em' up. I have had the opportunity to 'wear the hats' of a customer, retailer, inside rep, store manager, consultant, vendor, outside rep, and alas, I am back tobeing a customer again.

"It has been a glorious, bumpy ride. I have seen the excitement and downfall of Beta, Atari and the laserdisc. I am now watching DVD make its mark and VOD may be the newest twist. I don't know if I'm any smarter than when I started but I have learned that you don't need tospend a lot of time looking for logic.

"I want to sincerely thank some folks who have made the trip exciting and rewarding. Thanks to Major Video Concepts for being an honorable competitor. Thanks to Bill Burton for his advice and sincerity. Thanks to Terry Woodward for starting WaxWorks and giving me the opportunity to spread my wings. Thanks to George Montgomery for hiring me, to Noel Clayton for his support and thanks to the best supervisor I have ever had and probably one of the most intelligent people in the industry, Rob Eikenbary.

"Thanks to a wonderful bunch of cohorts in outside sales.Thanks to Vicki Sego, Jennifer Hidenrite and the entire staff of WaxWorks for their professionalism and support. Thanks to all mywonderful customers: Jim Kelley (Your Video Connection), Chuck Grachan(J.C. Flicks), Debbie Jaime (Video Ventures) and way too many more to name. Thanks to T.K. Arnold and his magazine for providing a true forumfor all voices.

"Thanks to all the 'ghosts who have left the industry for one reason or another.

"In a day of gloom and doom and impending danger, I only have one warning. Video has always been a melting pot of choices and diversification. I cannot believe that Warner and Universal's numbersare up since they left traditional distribution. If we ever become the world of one distributor it could truly mean the end of the opportunity.

"Choices mean competition and competition means growth.

"'We are a part of all that we have met.' Good luck to all of you. May God bless you in all your endeavors. Thanks for all the experiences andmemories. And now it's time to hit the rewind button."

Jay Huntsman -- Formerly of WaxWorks -- fleabus1@home.com

Comments? Contact TK directly at:TKArnold@aol.com

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