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TK's MORNING BUZZ: Will New Line Continue As It Own Entity -- Or Be Swallowed Up By Its Corporate Parent?

24 Jan, 2001 By: Thomas K. Arnold

It was tough hearing the news yesterday that as many as a quarter of New Line Home Video's employees got the axe as part of a corporate-wide downsizing related to the AOL-Time Warner merger.

I sincerely hope what I've been told is true, that New Line will continue as its own entity and not be swallowed up by its corporate parent.

New Line over the years has built a reputation as one of the most progressive suppliers in the business, with high-quality product, superb marketing, innovative retail promotions and programs, and a reputation as being retailer-friendly. New Line has traditionally been the first to react to retail and distribution complaints and suggestions; the studio's forward-thinking copy-depth initiatives in early 1998 are just one example.

Under Stephen Einhorn's guidance, the supplier also became an acknowledged leader in adding special features to DVD. Einhorn was proselytizing about the importance of special features as early as the fall of 1997, when DVD was still expanding from its test markets; today, every studio has jumped on the special features bandwagon, while New Line continues to push the envelope with feature-laden special editions of such titles as Boogie Nights and Seven.

In the industry, New Line has always been known as the little studio that could. Let's keep our fingers crossed that New Line will continue chugging along. We feel confident the staffers who lost their jobs in yesterday's "downsizing" will have no trouble at all finding work with other studios -- they're all quality people.

As for the New Liners who are left, hang in there. We wish you the best.

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