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TK's MORNING BUZZ: 'We, the Children, Now Know the Truth About This World'

20 Sep, 2001 By: Thomas K. Arnold

I'm getting so many submissions from industry folks who have something tosay in regard to the horrific terrorist attacks on the United States last week that I'm doubling up. Today we have a most poignant e-mail from John Gallagher of Macrovision, and a heartfelt poem written by Kristin Winters, the daughter of veteran retail activist (and former VSDA vicechair) Monty Winters.

First, John writes:

Disaster and sadness has not only struck New York and in turn allAmericans, but also all those who live under the banner of democracy.

In the United Kingdom there has been heartfelt compassion for the innocent lives stolen and the effects that it has had on the people in America.

A three-minute silence was without "duty" observed throughout the country.Ireland shut its business doors and also declared a national day of mourning.

There are 15 nations in the European Union with 800 million people who also abided by a three-minute silence to give thoughts and prayers to everyone affected, especially those whose lives were stolen prematurely.

America, you are not alone.

My sister wrote, "We held a three-minute silence here in England yesterday. It was really moving. There was a real presence. It was a reallybeautiful moment in a sad time in all our lives. It's a pity it takes something like this to get people together."

It is time for action now but it is also time for Americans to reflect -- to reflect on why this undeserved tragedy occurred. Why has the United States borne the brunt of such evil?

As the United States looks inward and hopefully outside for reflection, the world looks at America and hopes and prays...

Remember America, you are not alone.

And now, from Kristin Winters, a very talented young lady Monty and all of us should be very proud of:

The Children

In a split second, I swear time stood still.
Time disappeared for that split second, and I suddenly felt all the hate in this world.
The kind of hate that brings stinging tears.
The kind of hate that grasps you by the throat.
The kind of hate that cripples your heart, and squeezes all the love out of you until there is none left.
The kind of hate that comes with W A R.
The kind of hate we, the children, witness with our virgin eyes.
We, the children, now know the truth about this world,
And have felt all the hate.
The hate that brings the stinging tears.
The kind of hate that grabs you by the throat.
The kind of hate that cripples your heart, and squeezes all the love out of you until there is none left.

But unlike you, we have the strength to recover.
We can push our way through someone else's shadow and reach the light on the other side.
We can smile and know that everything will be OK, even though our dreams have been shattered.
We can make the most out of bad days, and find the slightest bit of good in them.

We are the wise.
We are the strong.
We are the next generation.

Kristin Winters

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