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TK's MORNING BUZZ: Video Stores Will Fade -- When Kids Can Get Candy Through the TV

27 Apr, 2001 By: Thomas K. Arnold

Kids these days...

Today was "Bring Your Child to Work" day. My own two boys didn't make the age cut (they're 3 and 5; qualifying kids have to be 9 and up), but I was nonetheless tapped as a speaker to show the kiddies what it is we at Video Store Magazine do.

I didn't even attempt to explain revenue-sharing, consolidation, two-tiered pricing or the antitrust suits filed by retailers against Blockbuster and the studios and by distributors against Universal -- and each other.

But I did ask a few questions, and receive a few answers, that demonstrated once again how sophisticated kids are these days.

For starters, everyone knew what DVD was. In fact, one of the little brats -- er, darlings -- was rummaging through the screeners I had brought in and mumbled, "What, no DVDs?"

Secondly, kids' tastes in movies are running way ahead of what you'd think. Asked what their favorite movie is, the kids tossed out names like Predator, The Matrix, All I Want to Do, Spawn and other such decidedly non-kiddie titles -- and the oldest kid in this group was all of 13.

In fact, the only kidvid that got mentioned was The Rugrats.

On a promising note, I asked the kids if they liked going to the video store, or if they would like to just order movies directly through their TV. Most every hand went up in favor of the video store, with one comment saying it all:

"You can't get candy through your TV."

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