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TK's MORNING BUZZ: VIAAC Honoree Don Rosenberg Is the Type of Guy You'd Want By Your Side in Times of Trouble or Need

21 Sep, 2001 By: Thomas K. Arnold

A belated good morning to you. Last night was a late night for many of us here at Video Store Magazine, as we headed up to the Four Seasons in Los Angeles to laud this year's VIAAC Visionaries -- people from within our industry who have given selflessly and graciously to the Video Industry Aids Action Committee, the home entertainment community's premier homegrown charity.

A hearty congratulations to all the honorees: Benjamin Feingold, the wise andcharismatic executive with Sony Pictures Entertainment; Eileen Fitzpatrick, the savvy journalist with Billboard; Shane Rasmussen, the energetic and vibrant event planner for Buena Vista; Steve Scavelli, the dedicated family man and founder of Flash Distributors; and the UCLA Aids Institute, which hassaved the life of untold thousands through the hard work and dedication ofits doctors and staff.

But a special cheer goes out to Video Store Magazine's own Don Rosenberg, group publisher and director of Advanstar Communications' video group.

Don, in his characteristically humble manner, simply says he's been in the position to say "yes" when VIAAC comes knocking. But there's a lot more to itthan that.

Yes, Don Rosenberg is in the position to authorize ad space to VIAAC when it needs to get the word out, and yes, Don Rosenberg was in the position to donate convention floor space to VIAAC when he was running the VSDA in theearly 1990s, before he came to Video Store Magazine.

But Don Rosenberg is by nature a giving, caring man, of unquestioned integrity and unparalleled devotion to his family and his friends. VIAAChappens to be a charity he believes passionately in, both because he's lostseveral friends to this deadly, horrific disease and because AIDS strikes soindiscriminately.

"AIDS has hit our industry particularly hard," he says. "When you see friendsand business acquaintances coming down with such a horrible disease, it's hard to sit back and ignore it."

That's the kind of person Don is. When someone needs his help, he doesn't sit back and do nothing. He does whatever he can. I know this firsthand -- I've worked with Don for more than seven years, and he's not only a great boss, but he's the type of guy I'd most like to have on my side in times of troubleor need.

Don's helped me load an antique Victrola into a hatchback, loaned me $20innumerable times, given my kids toys when his kids outgrew them and dispensed valued advice in everything from financial planning to landscaping.

I know these are little things, but they are indicative of Don's character.

In the world of business, character, sadly, is often in short supply. That's why people like Don Rosenberg are so invaluable. And while hisaccomplishments are many -- here at Video Store Magazine, he's been an engaging and savvy leader under whose direction annual revenues have more thandoubled -- Don always gives credit to other people.

I'll be the first to admit I'm not half the Mensch Don Rosenberg is. All of us can learn a lot from this good man.

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