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TK's MORNING BUZZ: The VSDA Board Once Again Votes Down a Motion to Publicize Votes

11 Jan, 2001 By: Thomas K. Arnold

Strike another blow for the public's right to know.

As expected, the VSDA board, in its paranoid wisdom, once again voted down a motion to publicize votes. The idea that elected directors, at the very least, should be accountable to the members who voted them into office, apparently was anathema to the 12 directors who shot the motion down, twice as many as voted "yeah." It's another blot on a board whose inaction over the years has been legendary, although I must say that progress is being made.

At least this time around, a motion was actually made -- and six brave directors voted in favor of this motion, believing, as I do, that since they made various promises to members while campaigning for their seats, they should let these members know how they voted so their constituents can keep tabs on how well they're sticking to their campaign promises.

Of course, the VSDA staff muddied up the issue with its mantra that other associations don't publicize their votes. Since when has the VSDA blindly followed other trade associations?

If they did, the much-ballyhooed generic awareness campaign would have been a reality long ago.

And I know that might be a cheap shot, but I'm sure a lot of members share my frustration with the board's -- or, rather, the board majority's -- elitist attitude toward the secrecy, the sanctity, of what they do behind closed doors.

Keep shutting members out and pretty soon there won't be many members left.

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