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TK's MORNING BUZZ: Some Very Deserving People Got Recognized at The DVD Awards -- the Studio Folks Who Produce, Develop and Market DVDs

24 Aug, 2001 By: Thomas K. Arnold

I'm baack!

Pardon me for disappearing for two mornings, with no word. We're working on that -- maybe an "on vacation" slug when Bruce Apar or I don't do our respective columns.

In any event, I was buried knee-deep in the hoopla of an event I am very proud of: The DVD Awards, which this year Video Store Magazineproduced in association with DVD Entertainment 2001, a two-day conference put together bythe International Recording Media Association (IRMA) and Medialine Magazine.

By now, I'm sure most of you have heard about the awards -- we even made it onto the front page of USA Today's entertainment section -- and the winners, who were posted right here on Hive4media.com within minutes of the Wednesday night ceremony's conclusion.

I have to beg your indulgence and toot our own horn. Attendance swelled to more than 200, prompting the Hilton Universal City and Towers staff to open asecond ballroom to accommodate the overflow. Leonard Maltin did a bang-up job of hosting the event, and studio support was overwhelming, from the number of entries -- more than 300 -- to the packed-to-the-gills goodie bags.

But the most significant thing about the awards program was that some verydeserving people got recognized -- the studio folks who work hard to produce, develop and market DVDs. The people who decide which special features to addand where to get the material. The people who monitor Web chat rooms to hearfirsthand what consumers want, and then work even harder to give it to them.The people who have made it their mission to fulfill DVD's promise and createa whole new product, rather than just repackage a movie. The people whose vision, foresight and talent have given us such incredible products as Se7en, The Ultimate Toy Box, Gladiator and Cast Away. The people who work behind the scenes to produce the very best possible DVDs they can, and who relish theidea of being on the cutting edge of the most exciting and compelling new consumer product that's launched in years.

As I said last night, "I'm looking at a roomful of winners." I meant that -- and I'm glad that Video Store Magazine was able to shine the spotlight, however briefly, on the unsung heroes of our brave new digital homeentertainment world.

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