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TK's MORNING BUZZ: Readers Submit Their 'Darts and Laurels' on Recent Goings-On in the Home Video Industry

23 Feb, 2001 By: Thomas K. Arnold

As promised, here are some "darts and laurels" submitted by readers of my daily column here on Hive4media. On Monday, you may recall, I gave a list of some of my own nominees for "darts and laurels," signifying the respective low points and high points among recent goings-on in the home video industry.

*A DART to Warner and Ingram for being totally understaffed to take care of their customers. If my customer service was sooo poor I'd be outta business. Hours to days to reach a sales rep is inconsiderate, at the least.

*A LAUREL to Thomas K. Arnold for occasionally pointing out the stupidity in this industry. (Thanks--TKA)

*A DART to all of the studios that continue to set goals. All the goals do is saddle us with the wrong number of copies. Sometimes too many and sometimes too few. For example, I will NOT have enough copies of The Original Kings of Comedy because if I exceed my goal on this title somewhere down the line Paramount will give me a higher goal on a title I don't need.

*A DART to all the studios that only put out widescreen DVDs. Most customers prefer FULL FRAME.

*A LAUREL to everyone who is putting out their DVDs on the same day as the VHS is released.

*A LAUREL to MGM, FOX, ARTISAN and WARNER, which are are the only major studios that have revenue-sharing programs that are profitable for small independent retailers.

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