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TK's MORNING BUZZ -- LIVE DAILY FROM THE VSDA SHOW IN LAS VEGAS! <BR> Day 4 -- Sure, I'll Be Back Next Year, But <I>Not</I> to the Venetian; Anatomy of a Porno Star; Warners vs. Blockbuster; Scary Closing

9 Jan, 2001 By: Thomas K. Arnold

You’ve got to love the Venetian. After bumping about 200 show guests, including yours truly, due to a little overbooking problem, the hotel is now soliciting return visits at next year’s show. "Make your reservation for next year at the Venetian," read fliers scattered throughout the lower level of the Sands Expo Center. "Go from the show floor to your suite without ever leaving the building."

No thanks, guys. I had planned on doing precisely that this year, but instead, I’m over the Rio, along with a bunch of other outcasts, including VSDA president Bo Andersen. Sure I'll be back next year -- sure, sure, sure...

At Saturday night's DVD Entertainment Group presentation, attendees were handed pretty nifty gift bags on the way out -- black bags with more than two dozen DVDs, including a couple of DVD-Audio selections.

Apparently one adult star made it into the event and tried to bribe someone for a bag by showing a certain part of her anatomy that adult stars are known for.

The battle over DVD pricing between Blockbuster on one side (advocating a rental window) and Warner Home Video on the other (sellthrough forever) may have erupted at this year's VSDA convention, but it's been brewing a long time. Nearly three years ago, Warner Home Video president Warren Lieberfarb had a tough time convincing Blockbuster's John Antioco to commit to his baby, DVD. Since then, Lieberfarb has never felt Antioco has done DVD justice, particularly with Blockbuster's brief flirtation with Divx, the ill-fated DVD pay-per-play variant that Lieberfarb hated with a vengeance. A few weeks before the convention, Blockbuster put up a billboard promoting the availability of The Perfect Storm DVD for sale or rental. On the bottom of the rental side is the phrase, "Renting is better." More on this in the weeks to come.

Closing time is scary on the adult side. Yesterday afternoon, at the stroke of 5, the P.A. announced that the show was closed and, almost immediately, a small army of security guards came dashing through the show, ordering people to stop taking photos and physically pushing guys with cameras out of the way. Ron Jeremy was still signing photos after the show had closed, and the guards converged upon him, ordering people out of the hall and demanding Jeremy stop signing. And who says Las Vegas isn't a friendly city?

If the show floor seems small, that's because most of the action is on the third floor of the Venetian, where most of the studios and several indies have taken out hospitality rooms. This convention isn't turning into NARM, it's looking an awful lot like NAVD...

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