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TK's MORNING BUZZ: It's Awfully Close to My Dream Machine, and It's Coming Soon

26 Jun, 2001 By: Thomas K. Arnold

It's awfully close to my dream machine, and it's coming soon.

A colleague with a nose for news handed me a Business Wire release that already has me salivating with desire: an i2DVD Player, now in the pilot production stages, that promises to let me play my DVDs and CDs, surf the Web, play MP3 files and engage various other TV technologies.

That's what I want. Where do I sign up? I'm a screen junkie; I love to watch movies on DVD and I like nothing better than to surf the Web before I go to sleep. I can already watch movies on my computer, but it just isn't the same as my new 36-inch JVC in the family room, on the comfortable leather loveseat.

I'm already fantasizing about switching back and forth between some old John Wayne Western or schlock horror movie and Amazon.com or eBay.

It's not only a convenience thing, either. One of my big goals in life right now is to reduce clutter. I hate, hate, HATE having all these boxes on top of my TV. I've already dumped my dedicated CD player and now I'd really, really like to get rid of the VCR.

Which prompts me to make this plea to the i2DVD player manufacturers: If it's not too late, add some sort of recording device, or at least offer it as an option. I don't care what format it is; install one of those new and improved recordable DVD drives, follow the TiVo model, or, heck, slap a VCR into the box.

That would be my real dream machine!

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