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TK's MORNING BUZZ: If You Have Trouble Playing Games or Interactive Features on Some of the Studio's Super-Special DVDs, You're Not Alone

16 Aug, 2001 By: Thomas K. Arnold

Call me an idiot, but I still can't figure it out.

I'm referring to the highly acclaimed game "Aladar's Adventure" on Disney's Dinosaur Collectors Edition DVD.

My 5-year-old and I watched the movies and, afterward, were trying to play the game. "Let Daddy show you," I said as I snatched the controls out of his hands.

All the poor fellow learned was some new cuss words. The directions, which an onscreen voice directed at me, appeared simple enough, but the line about using the "arrow" buttons on my remote caught me for a loop, because I've got one of those new Samsung Nuon machines and there are all sorts of arrows and toggles and I couldn't figure out which one to use.

Nothing worked. I found the dinosaurs I was supposed to, found them over and over again without getting anywhere, got eaten by a mean dinosaur because I didn't know how to move away, seemed to get pulled into caves against my will and finally threw the remote on the ground in frustration and told Justin to try the Dinopedia instead.

Is it me, or this stuff awfully hard to digest? It would have been nice to have printed step-by-step instructions in the little booklet, however brief, but the voice is all there is, and its directives aren't clear at all.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at things) I subsequently discovered I'm not alone. Lots of my friends also have had trouble playing the various games or other interactive features on some of these super-special discs the studios are putting out. They share my frustrations at not being able to access what is supposed to be a very simple feature and they agree that a couple of explanatory paragraphs in the accompanying booklet might make this experience a little easier for the technologically challenged among us.

By the way, if anyone has any tips on how I can make "Aladar's Adventure" work, please let me know. I'd sure like to give it a run before my 5-year-old figures it out on his own.

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