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TK's MORNING BUZZ: Happy Fourth to Any Retailers Working Today -- and May It Rain

4 Jul, 2001 By: Thomas K. Arnold

Happy Fourth! Judging from the responses I received to Monday's column, manyof you are probably closed today. But, as promised, here are some excerpts of letters I received from retailers on their Fourth of July experiences:

"July 4 is always one of the slowest days of the year. Because we've had one guy out sick for the last two months and another one just quit we are taking the opportunity to close that day. I know of a store about 30 minutes away that closes on EVERY holiday. The owner claims he makes up for lost business because people rent more the day before because of the extra FREE day."

"I look at last year's data for July 4: Adult rentals were off aboutone-third and children's video rentals were almost nonexistent. I suspect that most people who come in are not into going to the fireworks show and aretaking advantage of the day off to watch a movie."

"The business is very dependent on the weather. If it rains we will have anawesome day; if it is sunny and not too humid we will just do normal Wednesday business. Unfortunately we have to schedule our employees as if we can predict the weather and it's going to rain. If it is sunny we will call them and ask if they want to stay home. If not we will let them do some cleaning."

On a side note, let me announce to the world that Video Store Magazine will be producing the Fourth Annual DVD Awards, held August 22 as part of the DVDEntertainment 2001 conference, presented by the International Recording MediaAssociation (IRMA) and Medialine. This is the premier awards show for the DVD industry and will be emceed by Leonard Maltin. Running concurrently with theDVD Entertainment 2001 conference will be another Video Store Magazineproduction, Hollywood Summit 2, a high-tech showcase and seminar series aimed at studio executives.

More on those events later. In the meantime, have a happy Fourth.

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