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TK's MORNING BUZZ: Are Retailers Doing Anything Cool to Take Advantage of the Summer Movie Season?

23 Jul, 2001 By: Thomas K. Arnold

It's funny -- every time I sign on to America Online I'm hit with some sort of promos for summer movies. Last night on the "Welcome" page the photo was of Estelle Warren, the star of Fox's Planet of the Apes remake, with a link to "Sexy Summer Stars -- Go Ape With Them."

The next item was "Jolie's Steamy Past? You Decide Here." Jolie, of course, has the lead role in the video game-based theatrical hit, Tomb Raider.

This has got me to wondering -- are retailers taking advantage of the summer movie season as well? When Tomb Raider came out, did retailers promote the Angelina Jolie angle by trotting out her earlier movies, like Gia and Foxfire, and putting them in a special display up front?

When Pearl Harbor hit theaters, how many retailers grabbed every Pearl Harbor-related video they could find -- from Tora! Tora! Tora! to any of the compelling documentaries on the market -- and created a special "Pearl Harbor" section?

And when the theatrical bow of Cats and Dogs and Dr. Dolittle 2 put talking animals in the spotlight, how many retailers rounded up every "talking critter" film they could find, such as Incredible Journey, Babe, Homeward Bound and heck, even Lassie (well, she talked to ME when I was a kid, or at least it felt like she did), and put them in a special section where customers could also get, say, a discount coupon for a local pet store?

Years ago, these would have been no-brainers for savvy retailers. But this year, I'm wondering if everyone's too busy loading up the selloff bins with cheap cassettes or slapping more and more copies of the same title on the "new release" wall to take the time to do something innovative, something creative, something interesting.

Yes, readers, this is another one of my periodic calls for comment. If you are a retailer who's doing something cool to capture some of the summer movie season's momentum, please let me know. Be sure to include your name, store name and location, and later this week I'll print edited excerpts from some of the responses I receive.

Along that note... Jurassic Park III just came out and pulled in more than $50 million its opening weekend. Dinosaurs, anyone?

Comments? Contact TK directly at:TKArnold@aol.com

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