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TiVo: Victim of Its Own Success?

28 Jul, 2004 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Digital recording service TiVo is hoping the Federal Communications Commission allows its fourth-quarter product TiVoGuard into the market without restrictions.

That's a bit like believing nonrenewal of the Brady Act, which stipulates a waiting period and criminal background check before the purchase of a handgun, would not affect the rate of violent acts committed with a firearm.

At face value, TiVoGuard, which would give TiVo subscribers the ability to transfer programming from their TiVo hard drives to separate media devices, including PC and laptop computers, appears to represent the logical next step in the dissemination of digital entertainment.

However, the ability to mobilize your entertainment media to remote locations opens a Pandora's box of illegal options not limited to peer-to-peer networks and piracy.

Just as gun advocates ignorantly decry any attempt to reign in provisions of the Second Amendment, allowing consumers unfettered access to digital media is a bad idea.

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