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Time is Ripe for DVD Storage Solutions

2 Sep, 2004 By: Jessica Wolf

It's going to be a huge fourth quarter. With so many theatrical hits coming out on DVD and anticipated boxed sets like the Star Wars Trilogy, other collectors' items and a plethora of TV DVD content, the top-of-mind question for retailers and suppliers, understandably, is, “Where are we going to put it?,” followed by, “At whose expense?”

At home, most of us in this business, I would guess, have multiple shelves, racks and drawerfuls of DVDs, not to mention the piles and stacks that snake around every corner of the house.

But then, I've noticed, gladly, that plenty of just-plain DVD consumers I know have similar collections — and similar issues with home shelf space. Soon we're all going to run out of space.

So, at what expense will DVD collections continue to grow and buy rates hold? What other products in the home will have to shift to make room for more DVD? Sure, there's used trading — that whittles it down some — but many people sell off DVD in order to buy more DVD or other media products, which doesn't necessarily solve the space issue.

This is something we talk about nearly every year, wondering when buy rates will drop.

According to research presented yesterday at the Entertainment Media Expo from Understanding & Solutions, after 2005 the expectation is that DVD acquisition rates will slow and drop from 18.5 DVDs per household in 2003 to 17.5 in 2008. Well, that's not much of a drop, which is good news for the business, but could also be great news for anyone out there with a truly innovative idea for DVD storage.

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