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That's the Way the Basketball Bounces

9 Dec, 2004 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Apparently millions of dollars in salary and millions more in endorsements can't buy you moral values — let alone common sense — if you're 20-year-old Denver Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony.

The former Syracuse University freshman, who bolted to the National Basketball Association after leading the Orangemen to the NCAA national title in 2003, admitted last week that appearing in a homemade DVD that espoused, among other things, not reporting illegal drug activity to authorities, was probably not the best of off-season projects.

“The video happened right after the Olympics, when I was home,” Anthony told the Associated Press.

Then again, who wouldn't want to immerse themselves with their homeboys after being part of the worst Team USA ever with NBA players, including being singled out for laziness and selfishness by the coach.

Things didn't improve this fall when Anthony was involved in a bar fight in New York and caught at the Denver airport with marijuana.

And now this stocking stuffer.

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