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Subscription Redux

8 Sep, 2004 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Blockbuster, Hollywood Video and Movie Gallery have all unveiled variations of in-store and Web–based subscription rental programs aimed at undermining the success of online pioneer Netflix.

These initiatives are not limited to the national chains.

DVD Trading Co., in Chandler, Ariz., has operated an in-store subscription service for three years, according to owner Don Desmarchais. He welcomed the competition from Hollywood since it isn't offering new releases as part of the promotion.

“It was kind of interesting that they had the option to match Blockbuster's deal and they chose not to,” said Desmarchais.

What about the other 1,200 video rentailers large and small?

Write to me at the e-mail address at the top of the screen and let me know what your store is doing regarding subscription programs.

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