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Studios Appeal to Collector Mentality With DVD Gift Sets

18 Dec, 2003 By: Thomas K. Arnold

You've got to love the elaborate DVD gift sets the studios are coming out with this holiday season. Taking square aim at the collector mentality that's prompting people to buy movies in record numbers, the studios have assembled a formidable array of cool multidisc sets that include all sorts of extras — and we're not talking the electronic variety.

My three favorite add-ons shoppers can find this year with their DVDs:

1. Gollum. A collectable statue of the ugly little creature comes with the fancy The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers gift set, from New Line Home Entertainment.

2. Tony Montana money clip. Packed inside the deluxe gift set of Scarface, from Universal Studios Home Video, this gold clip is engraved with the monogram of the doomed drug lord portrayed by Al Pacino in the classic Brian De Palma thriller.

3. The historical documentary Here's Looking at You, Warner Bros., a great video recap of one of the all-time great movie studios that's available only as a bonus DVD packaged with Warner Home Video's Warner Legends Collection, which contains three of the greatest movies ever made: The Adventures of Robin Hood, starring Errol Flynn; The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, with Humphrey Bogart; and Yankee Doodle Dandy, starring James Cagney.

That said, I am signing off for the rest of the year. Let me close by urging you to check out our year-end issue of Video Store Magazine, in which we recap the year with a chronological rundown of the top stories, month by month, and then put on our thinking caps — and ask key executives to do the same — for an exhaustive analysis of what it all meant.

Until next year!

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