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Still Toying With VHS

16 May, 2005 By: Stephanie Prange

While the discounters have either phased out VHS completely or severely cut it back with plans to phase it out soon, there's at least one big sellthrough chain still sporting a big selection of videocassettes: Toys “R” Us.

In a recent visit to that store, I found about as many VHS copies as DVDs in a sizeable video section. The durability of cassettes still scores points with those who buy for kids, according to the store clerk, who noted that DVDs scratch and smudge.

While the clerk admitted VHS was on its way out and would be trimmed at the store soon, Toys “R” Us has a long way to go before getting rid of cassettes. Could the abundance of cassettes be calculated?

It could prove great counterprogramming to fill the VHS sellthrough niche being abandoned by the mass merchants. Certainly, the prices to consumers on the cassettes aren't particularly low at Toys “R” Us, and the chain probably gets a great price from studios eager to unload dying product. If others jettison new VHS, Toys “R” Us could carve out some

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