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Sony Finally Chimes In

12 Dec, 2006 By: Stephanie Prange

I visited the Sony Style store this week, and for the first time, the store had a Blu-ray player on display and available for sale. Is it a case of too little too late?

The delays of both Sony's PlayStation 3 and its Blu-ray player ($999) have caused much consternation among observers. One of the major complaints against Blu-ray in the early days was that it was “vaporware.” That, at least, has been proven untrue.

While Sony's players have been late in coming and, at least on the PlayStation 3 side, woefully underproduced, now they are here. Sony has consistently been behind in the next-generation hardware game — both in competition with Xbox 360 and with rival high-def format HD DVD — but now at least they have delivered something.

Analysts don't expect much more fanfare from the company in the final weeks leading up to the holiday season.“We expect Sony to remain mum and focus on delivery units to retail,” P.J. McNealy, video game analyst for American Technology Research, told Home Media.

That's perhaps the best strategy to employ. Just keep mum and keep shipping. With every Blu-ray player and PS3 in stores, the HD DVD camp's early advantage fades.

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