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Some Franchises, Like 'The Matrix,' Are Particularly Suited to DVD

11 Nov, 2003 By: Stephanie Prange

I confess. I like to enter the Matrix. Despite its drawbacks -- hopelessly vague imagery, obscure references, and silly, overblown dialogue -- I am drawn to the Wachowski brothers' trilogy. And despite the bad to middling reviews, I saw The Matrix Revolutions its first weekend in theaters.

I've seen all the tales in Animatrix. And although I confess I haven't played the video game (games drive me a bit bonkers), I've perused Web sites, where fans debate various implications of each scene and character in the trilogy. In fact, I would call myself a casual Matrix geek.

That's why I feel somewhat qualified to note that this “peel the onion” kind of tale is, in fact, ideal for the digital age -- and for DVD. For geeks like me, the more information the better, and the more layers to the tale, the more opportunity for DVD extras -- and for other DVDs.

Oliver Stone's JFK is another “peel the onion” movie that lends itself to DVD. Whether or not you're a conspiracy nut, the mysteries of that assassination are potent fodder for DVD extras that allow you to hear more. I particularly like the Oliver Stone commentary that describes his interpretation of the various real-life characters behind the story.

The J.R.R. Tolkien “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, too, lends itself to “onion peeling” extras. The author's well-drawn fantasy invites numerous interpretations -- and hours of DVD extras.

These stories are all particularly suited for this DVD home video era -- and geeks like me are grateful, if bleary-eyed.

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