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Retailers Offer TV DVD Marketing Tips

1 Aug, 2005 By: Stephanie Prange

One thing I heard mentioned multiple times during last month's VSDA Home Entertainment 2005 was that studios weren't managing TV DVD catalog well.

Many retailers I spoke with — including some from big chains — said that studios should take care to reprice earlier seasons of TV shows as new seasons come out in order to hook buyers. That way, they draw in buyers at a price point they can handle on early season sets. If they don't like the series, they haven't shelled out much. If they do like it, you've hooked the buyer to a high-margin product that they will likely purchase throughout the run of the series.

While studios may lose a bit of money at the front end, they'll certainly pick more up later as buyers purchase succeeding seasons.

TV DVD is pretty much a new ballgame for the video business. Never before have we had so much interest in purchasing full seasons of TV shows on video. If suppliers manage it right, it could continue to prove a boon in a business in which growth is slowing. We know a lot about how consumers like to consume features on video, but not as much about their TV DVD consumption habits (other than that they like the genre). Now may be the time to listen to those on the front lines — retailers.

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