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11 Sep, 2006 By: Stephanie Prange

I'm sure mine will be one of numerous comments on the 9/11 attacks, but I'm compelled to recall that horrible day, especially with regard to the industry in which I'm involved.

That day, video seemed a pretty silly thing to be writing about, but folks in the industry rose to the occasion.

Notable among the industry members involved was Steve Scavelli, who was near the Twin Towers giving a deposition in the Blockbuster antitrust case when the planes struck. The president of Flash Distributors ended up joining in the rescue effort and later that day found that the complex that houses his company headquarters, the Brooklyn Army Terminal, had become the city of New York's emergency command center. He was scheduled to be honored that week for his contribution to the AIDS cause with a VIAAC Visionary Award, but couldn't make it because of the more pressing need of his fellow New Yorkers.

We covered the many stores in Manhattan affected by the event, the shaky stock market, possible late shipments, and the fact that Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment was recalling DVDs and cassettes with a trailer for Spider-Man featuring the Twin Towers. Game labels also rejiggered software containing the towers.

It was an event that shook the world — even our small corner of it.

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