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Portable Media Best in Little Bites

23 May, 2005 By: Stephanie Prange

There's a reason why many of the kids' handheld devices feature TV episodes. I found this out while riding on an airplane to Chicago. We had a portable DVD player, with several of the kids' favorite feature films, as well as a few selections for the parents, but the kids much of the trip wanted to watch the TV fare piped over the satellite setup on Frontier Airlines.

I would have preferred to bring some episodic comedy, such as “South Park” or “Family Guy,” on the trip. Viewing portable media can be so jarring that smaller-bite entertainment works best. Every time the kids needed something, I had to pause the DVD. Every time the stewardess offered me a drink or snack, I had to interrupt the flow of the feature.

That's why Paramount Home Entertainment's recent entry into the PlayStation Portable's (PSP) Universal Media Disc (UMD) market should prove profitable. Paramount is the first studio to announce TV on UMD with compilations of “Chappelle's Show,” “South Park” and “SpongeBob SquarePants” episodes due for the burgeoning PSP format later this year.

Certainly, other studios will recognize this new market for TV on disc. When you're on the go, concentrating on a program is easier for half an hour than for two.

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