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No Longer Featuring Just Features

26 Sep, 2005 By: Stephanie Prange

Go to your local mass merchant and likely you'll notice that TV DVD almost matches feature-film space in the DVD section. Incoming Walt Disney Co. CEO Robert Iger noted at a recent investor conference that feature films are getting stiff competition from TV DVD content such as Lost: The Complete First Season, which will sell 1 million units.

But it's apparently not only TV DVD that is holding its own against features. Rhino Entertainment VP Paul DeGooyer told me he's seen an increase in shelf space allotted to music DVD as well. He's been pleasantly surprised by the resiliency of the music DVD business in light of recent industry woes.

While the feature-film slate has been fighting for shelf space, it looks like music and TV DVD releases are doing just fine.

Here at the magazine, we've always called TV DVD and music DVD “channels” rather than genres. They are new sources of content, rather than a subset — and they are only now beginning to be exploited after languishing on VHS.

Feature films have been the bread and butter that fed the DVD industry. But the business now has more “channels” from which to garner product, and this may be the product that keeps the feast going.

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