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Mom Bomb

1 Feb, 2006 By: Holly J. Wagner

I was probably one of the few people to mention Animal Planet's Super Bowl challenger, The Puppy Bowl, last year. I didn't see a lot of coverage on it (and no, I don't really wonder why).

But even I'm a little surprised that this low-budget cute bomb is back this year, sporting a sponsored all-kitty halftime show. I still think it's genius — a low-budget production with no possibility of embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. While the grownups are swilling beer and cheering (or jeering) the game with sometimes-colorful language, I'll bet this will be on a lot of kids room TVs.

A recent survey by the Chicago-based Marketing to Moms Coalition found that 85 percent of women said they would watch the Super Bowl, and many said they watch for the ads. They also said advertisers are missing them by not running ads for food brands and household products during the game.

So Animal Planet pounced on those sponsors. Bissell is sponsoring the Puppy Bowl halftime show. Now there's a natural fit: sooner or later everyone with a puppy needs some carpet cleaner.

At least you have a tame alternative if you hate football, fear exposed nipples or just want something to keep the short (and four-legged) people in the house happy.

I'm not sure how many DVDs of last year's event Animal Planet has sold. But I'm guessing sales must have been fair – if only to parents of toddlers and latchkey dogs – to bring the event back this year.

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