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Looking for the Next Matrix Fix

8 Jun, 2003 By: Kurt Indvik

Okay, I admit, I have yet to see The Matrix Reloaded. I purposefully put it off so that I would have an excuse to see it in an IMAX theater, screenings of which began last Friday.

I am buying into Warner's marketing lead and am endeavoring to extend and enhance my Matrix experiences throughout the remainder of the year so that there is not too long of a lag time between my last Matrix experience and my next.

Before Matrix Reloaded debuted May 15, I rented The Matrix original to get myself back into sync with that parallel world. I was then lucky enough to get a preview copy of The Animatrix, which hit the streets last week, and these nine beautiful animated shorts have given not only more background to The Matrix world and its reason for being, but added dimension that includes storyline extensions to Reloaded which I will now see.

I have only peered over the shoulder of those more game-savvy than I as they played the Enter the Matrix video game, so I really still have that Matrix experience to delve into as best I might, which I know will give me some new appreciation of The Matrix environment and bring back some connections with Reloaded.

So, after I have exhausted all my Matrix experiences I am probably looking at the end of July…then what? I sense a dry spell, and I am worried. There's no official word from Warner on when we might see a Reloaded DVD, but it's a good guess it'll be well timed well in advance of the November 5 theatrical bow of the trilogy's third installment The Matrix Revolutions, to build plenty of momentum for another box office rush. But that might be early October at the earliest. That leaves me with August and September and nothing new Matrix-wise.

Ah, how could I forget the documentary The Matrix Revisited? That'll hold me through those dry summer months. Barely.

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