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Look at Awards Shows as Glitzy DVD Promotions

27 Jan, 2004 By: Holly J. Wagner

As an avid hater of awards shows, I had to force myself to watch the Golden Globe circus Sunday night. But I know it's important to what happens in our trade over the next few months, so I took one for the team.

It turned out to be more interesting than I thought, but probably for the wrong reasons. I just caught up on some of the inside jokes and Hollywood gossip I would otherwise ignore entirely.

For example, at first I wondered why the always-adorable Renee Zellweger was looking so zoftig. Then I realized she had bulked up for the sequel to Bridget Jones's Diary, a snippet of dish I had read — sans pictures — a month or so ago. But we will all get to see the results later this year.

My viewing companion and I were trying to figure out if Mary Louise Parker had gotten a boob job, right up until she told the audience she had, sort of — courtesy of her newborn son. Bravo to her for proving that moms can still be hotties.

No such explanation for Al Pacino's garish shave. Besides the fact he looked like an unmade bed overall, when the cameras zoomed in on his rap it was clear that either he or his barber was inebriated when that goatee got shaved. He looked so bad the cameras cropped him out of the Angels in America ensemble shots.

I even felt sorry for Michael Douglas, who looked perplexed at the jerky video montage of his life's body of work, set to a rendition of “What I Did For Love.” While the sentiment might fit, the music was entirely the wrong rhythm and tempo for the clips. Douglas was visibly disappointed that his life was reduced to this. So was I, considering the opening red carpet montage was put together better.

I don't know how much a Golden Globe by itself helps a movie. I know that the more awards people see on the box art, the more likely many folks are to pick the title up to rent or buy it. So let the lovefests begin, it's all good for business.

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