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Kiosks May Finally Have Come of Age

9 Aug, 2004 By: Stephanie Prange

At the recent VSDA convention, I had a chance to kick the tires on the kiosk system DVD Play, currently being used at McDonald's.

Now, I'm no techno geek, and I was able to figure it out with no trouble. It reminded me of using an ATM. The innards looked much like a jukebox, with an arm that selected the correct disc. What really made the system work was the Web connection, which may have been the missing link that killed kiosks in the VHS era.

Through the Web, retailers can track the performance of the machine, see which titles need to be refilled and which ones jettisoned and generally do everything that a clerk would do, remotely, without hiring or managing the clerk. The machine never sleeps or gets sick. It will work all hours. It's the perfect video store employee.

While video store owners may be reluctant to try the newfangled device, I think kiosks would be an ideal after hours or remote location experiment. I'd be interested to hear our readers' thoughts?

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