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Kids Open to DVD Extras, Especially Games

25 Jan, 2005 By: Stephanie Prange

While it's common knowledge that adults will look through deleted scenes and bloopers on DVDs, kids have sometimes been overlooked as big consumers of extras.

But I don't think we should overlook the power of the push-button generation. My daughter carries her Game Boy to school every day for the afterschool period. She's used to playing games on a daily basis, and when she finishes watching a new DVD, the first thing she looks for is a game.

Most recently, she watched the newest “Barbie” animated title, and when I asked her about it, she could tell me about every extra on the DVD — especially the games. She deftly navigates the remote now at 6, though when she was younger that was a bit of a problem.

Kids are used to playing games based on movies, and increasingly they look for games on DVD. While it's just an added value extra right now, I can foresee a time when a game on a DVD will be a primary selling point. Already, we've seen studios incorporate certain game elements from the console counterparts of films. My bet is that these tie-ins were a big hit with the younger crowd.

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