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Kids and DVD Push Each Other's Happy Buttons

17 Feb, 2003 By: Stephanie Prange

One of my original reservations about kids and DVD was I thought they'd have a hard time navigating the menu. In fact, I noted in this column DVDs that automatically start are a good idea for children's and family titles.

But recently I've found that kids are more savvy about using the remote control than we give them credit for. As my 4-year-old hits 5, she's become much more adept at navigating the menu on DVDs. In fact, she enjoys it; it's sort of like a simpler version of a video game.

She's so fascinated with the remote control that she will navigate the simple comprehension games on the discs over and over again. The games are almost as repeatable as the movies.

The industry was wary at first about DVD adoption in the family market. Of concern to parents: what if kids decided to polish the floor with a DVD (a neighbor of mine did in fact have that happen)? But also of concern was the menu. Many kids can load a videotape, but loading a DVD is somewhat more complicated.

What we may have missed is that the remote control generation has no problem clicking the right buttons. While, to be sure, very young children need assistance with DVD, it doesn't take them long to get the hang of it.

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