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It's Been a Privilege to be Here

19 Feb, 2006 By: Kurt Indvik

This is my last column for Home Media Retailing, as I am off to another company beginning March 1. My new job will be for a media company, iMediaConnection, that serves the interactive marketing and advertising industry, a burgeoning market in which I expect to encounter a number of the studio and retail marketing executives I have had the pleasure to get to know in my four-plus years here.

During that time, DVD has transformed the home entertainment business on every front, and Home Media Retailing (Video Store Magazine when I came on board) has had the great opportunity and responsibility to cover the revolution of the digital disc. DVD has been the hottest entertainment platform on the planet during its reign so far, and it's been exciting to be able to have a front row seat for all the action.

The studio and retail executives and store owners I have had the privilege of getting to know and learn from have helped me be a better editor and, I hope, helped us deliver a better magazine in return. There's little doubt that the people in this industry, from the studio president to the independent rentailer and everyone in between, have worked to execute one of the most successful consumer product launches in history. You have transformed a stalled VHS/rental-only business into a worldwide phenomenon in a little more than eight years. It really is something you'll be able to tell your grandkids about.

And kudos to a wonderful staff, with which I am proud to have worked. They saw to it that Home Media Retailing, its Web site, newsletter and conferences also have transformed to serve this dynamic industry. It has been a great pleasure to be a part of this team of dedicated professionals who, I am proud to say, won't miss a beat with my departure.

The next few years will be a time of significant transition for home entertainment, as next-generation, high-definition packaged media comes into its own, and as serious exploration of various digital delivery models continues. Through it all, you'll be able to count on Home Media Retailing to provide you with the information you need for you and your company to thrive. I know I'll keep reading HMR every week. Best of luck for the future.

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