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Ipod is Eternal

29 Dec, 2006 By: Jessica Wolf

And I thought it was just me.

I very excitedly took my gleaming new pink $50 iTunes card to the computer Christmas Day in between family visits to do a little damage — and to my dismay was unable to even connect to the iTunes store for the most part.

It teased me a little; I was able to get on long enough to redeem my gift card, but after spending the better part of an hour in failed attempts to download one song, I gave up, chalking up the problems to a weak wireless connection.

Then I get to work this week and hear it wasn't just me, that many people had issues with iTunes over the holiday.

I'm not surprised. If other households in the country are anything like mine, the iPod and all it's myriad accoutrements was a very familiar face in stockings and under Christmas trees this season.

I personally got the aforementioned gift card, a cute little iDog, which I can't get to stop barking at me (though, thankfully, as of today the batteries have died) and the iGo — a portable charger that will charge my iPod and cell phone simultaneously from one power source.

Pretty cool.

And, as my sister and I wrapped up our joint Christmas lists, we discovered a veritable wonderland of iPod gadgets and goodies at literally every shopping location from Safeway Grocery Stores, to Best Buy to Bed Bath and Beyond. It became hard to choose just one for the iPod lovers on our list, and we fervently wished more of our family members were devoted to the gadgets, thereby making shopping a breeze for hard-to-gift people like rarely seen uncles.

It occurred to me, as I packed up to leave for home the day after Christmas, as I wound up cord after cord of my personal entertainment technology, how much iTunes has brought to my life, for good and for ill.

Sure I love the good things — music and TV shows literally at my fingertips.

But there's a lot to worry about too. I'm constantly checking to make sure I haven't left her (Betsy, my iPod) somewhere, constantly worrying about and checking on her battery status, constantly unwinding and rewinding tangled earbud cords. I actually killed another set right before my trip home and had to make an impromptu trip to Best Buy and brave the last-minute holiday shoppers to replace them. AND I just discovered I lost my USB cord again. I've already replaced that thing once.

And, there's such a vast supply of trinkets and outfits and extras for the iPod to spend money on.

It's all a little overwhelming, especially when you pair up your iPod gear with your cell phone, computer equipment, digital camera, et al. I am more surrounded by cords than I ever have been in this era of “wireless” technology.

Sometimes I have to wonder if it's all worth it, because one thing's for sure — it's never going to end.

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