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How Much TV DVD Can the Market Handle?

5 May, 2005 By: Jessica Wolf

It's been said many times, by myself and others, that DVD is the ultimate video on demand. Anyone who may have doubted that fact only has to witness the ever-exploding popularity of TV series on DVD.

We love this product for the time shifting, the avoidance of commercials, the instant gratification — the video on demand, if you will.

My question is, just how much more can the market handle of this? How many shows are selling enough to warrant the release onto DVD and into already bulging store shelves? There are nearly 60 TV series hitting DVD in the next 10 or so weeks alone. That's a ton of product that takes up a hefty footprint — and we haven't even come close to the fourth quarter yet.

Check out sites like TVshowsonDVD.com. It's obvious studios are responding to consumer demand for this genre on DVD. I think, in the future, well before high-definition discs hit the market with the storage capacity to hold an entire series on one disc (which would solve the space issue at least), studios may even begin releasing some of the more obscure, cultish shows for sale on DVD only, through certain fan Web sites or via direct orders to their own sites. Heck, they might even produce TV DVD product someday on an order-first basis. They'd still be rather easily able to hit their target consumer and turn around product quickly in any of these scenarios.

And — as a bonus for the suppliers — they wouldn't have to actually offer wholesale costs to those pesky retail partners; direct orders would allow them to keep all the margins right at home.

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