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Horror Not Only a Hit in Theaters

5 Apr, 2004 By: Stephanie Prange

I've been a big horror fan over the years, but for the most part, I've watched the classics on video. Recently, I saw Night of the Living Dead on DVD for the first time — I'd seen the original Dawn of the Dead the week before — and since then I've been obsessed with zombie movies.

Nothing quite matches the creepiness of watching a scary movie at home. After all, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, The Ring, The Exorcist and numerous other scary movies happen in the familiar environs of home sweet home.

It's also a lot easier to get chills in a room alone or with a few friends than in a movie theater filled with patrons. Watching The Blair Witch Project at my house was particularly scary as it borders a creek with nature sounds you rarely hear in the city — or in a movie theater.

While moviegoers streamed into theaters to watch The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Dawn of the Dead remakes, I've been rediscovering the genre in my DVD collection. No doubt video retailers are finding their customers are doing the same thing.

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