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Home Media Retailing: Our New Name

9 Jan, 2005 By: Kurt Indvik

This week marks a major turning point for the publication called Video Store Magazine most of you receive. It will be, in fact, the last week it's called Video Store Magazine. The next time you receive the publication it will be called Home Media Retailing.

This is, of course, a big step for a 25-year-old magazine, but it's one we're confident will serve our readers well going forward toward the next 25 years. There are many reasons for our changing the name (and we'll have a new look as well!), and these were articulated very well by our publisher in an editorial which ran in our Oct. 24 – 30, 2004 issue when we announced the name change.

So below please find Don Rosenberg's column from that issue as a reminder of our positioning for Home Media Retailing as we move forward. And next week, look for Home Media Retailing in your mailbox. I look forward to getting your input on the new approach.

A New Name for a New Era in Entertainment Retailing

Don Rosenberg, Publisher

In 1979, Video Store Magazine was launched at the same time as a small but fast-growing group of video retailers and a number of studios began working to bring pre-recorded videos to American homes.

For the past 25 years, the industry has gone through steady — and sometimes skyrocketing — growth. The introduction of DVD in 1997 dramatically reshaped the business for retailers and suppliers, and the disc has emerged as arguably the most significant form of entertainment on the planet.

Through it all, Video Store Magazine has been there to serve as an important news, research and analysis resource as well as an honest reflection of the industry to help guide its future path.

We have welcomed and encouraged change. We have changed frequencies. We have changed formats. We have added circulation in a broad range of retail categories to reflect the business. And we have constantly reshaped our editorial coverage to reflect the realities of the home entertainment market.

The new realities of the digital entertainment era in packaged media and other developing delivery systems have changed the way we all look at the business. Retailers now are home media retailers, offering DVDs, video games, music DVDs and more. They're brick-and-mortar stores, and they're online stores. Sometimes they're both. They sell, they rent, and they trade.

Suppliers — major studios, independents, and game and music publishers — have had to change the way they package, price, distribute and market. The content even shares the same disc at times, with games on movie DVDs, scenes from movies in related video games, and major music acts on DVDs.

Now the PC and consumer electronics industries are coming together to create a convergent home media environment. They know consumers want to organize and distribute their digital entertainment — from packaged media or digital downloads — in every room of the home, or take it with them when they are on the go. Convergence will continue to impact all of us.

The industry has changed, and our coverage at Video Store Magazine has already grown to encompass some of these dramatic shifts in the market. And we have more changes to come.

And so it gives me great pleasure to announce that in January 2005, Video Store Magazine will become Home Media Retailing.

This new name reflects not only the industry and our editorial mission, but it is a name that reflects our commitment to our readers and advertisers for the years ahead. Years that we expect will see more exciting changes.

What does Home Media Retailing mean for our readers and advertisers? The name catches up to the way we cover the industry now.

We will continue to focus on packaged media in home video. We will cover video games and music DVD.

We will provide coverage of important channels of programming from the television and the music industries.

We will continue to cover specialty video retailers. We're changing because you're changing how you approach the business, embracing opportunities alongside your core rental business that you have a unique position to take advantage of as a specialist. And we will continue to cover the full breadth of retailers, from music and grocery to electronic and mass merchant chains, all of whom are helping to transform the home entertainment retail landscape.

Our name means that we are committed to serving the future of this business. We will expand our coverage and research into new digital forms of delivery as a way to help our advertisers and readers to chart their future.

We will move into new areas of circulation. Always, however, our focus is on ensuring the industry has a magazine it can count on to deliver the most current and valuable news, research and insight into what's happening in this business.

So there you have it. Video Store Magazine becomes Home Media Retailing in 2005. We believe this move will allow us to serve you for the next 25 years.

We look forward to your input on how we can best accomplish this with your help, and we will continue to bring you updates on this transformation in the coming weeks and months.

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